Ben is a member of the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and can be seen in most of their performances. See BBC SSO for details. Other performances are listed here:

(last updated 21st July 2019) 




13th (Derby) London Concertante

14th (Newcastle) London Concertante

20th (Manchester) London Concertante

21st (Dublin) London Concertante

22nd (Cork) London Concertante




11th (Edinburgh) London Concertante

12th (Glasgow) London Concertante

16th Strathearn Music Society - Brodick Quartet




9th Brahms Violin Concerto - Perth Symphony Orchestra

15th (Edinburgh) London Concertante

16th (London) London Concertante




4-6th (Edinburgh) London Concertante

7th (Cardiff) London Concertante

8th (London) London Concertante

13th (Edinburgh) London Concertante

14th (Dublin) London Concertante

15th (Manchester) London Concertante

21st (London) London Concertante





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